Message from the Principal: RAT Race = Chromebooks

Walk into any learning pod, classroom, or even down the main hallway and you are likely to see students working with chromebooks. Over the past three years, chromebook devices have been integrated into every classroom at JMS. With the help of the PTA, we are able to send four to six teachers to formal Google training each year, further developing teacher–and thus student–skills. This year, funds raised from the RAT Race will support culture and arts day and help to fund the Full Chrome Jackson initiative. The focus is to get a full set of chromebooks into every LA/SS classroom with an additional five mobile carts for math, science, and electives classrooms to share.

Every penny counts.

$35 pays for a keyboard; $76 for the screen; $12 is the power supply; and $222 is the cost of the whole chromebook. Remind your students to gather sponsors for the RAT Race by this Thursday!

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